What we do

NorDubCo’s vision for North Dublin is of a region where communities, business and public agencies create conditions for success and that North Dublin will be recognised as the most dynamic part of the Dublin region distinguished by innovative social, economic and civic initiatives and by close collaboration between citizens, communities, businesses, education institutions and local public agencies.

NorDubCo believes that the key challenge facing the region to is to overcome the obstacles to joint approaches to social, economic and civic innovation. Overcoming these will require a climate conducive to a more negotiated form of governance, i.e. the involvement of variable networks of stakeholders in the relevant policy formulation and decision-making processes.

This will necessitate:

  • Building and sustaining an environment facilitative and supportive of such processes;
  • Developing processes that are responsive to both long-term and immediate needs of communities and the infrastructural and developmental requirements of businesses in the region;
  • Developing a regional learning system capable of encouraging and nurturing learning and knowledge creation and meeting the personal and career development needs of learners within North Dublin.

To realise the vision, NorDubCo delivers four distinct but linked programmes of activity:

Underpinning these programmes is our ethos of delivering excellence in service to our stakeholders, utilising the skills and knowledge of our staff and the organisational development of NorDubCo to ensure our effectiveness and that we are fully responsive to the needs of the region’s stakeholders.